Collectible Books

We’ve been selling for years on Ebay (see our Ebay store at CollectibleBooks.Org) with over 2,000 customer reviews, all of them positive. Ebay is fee intensive, so to keep prices down we are now selling on our own website.

All of our payment processing is through Etsy and our customers enjoy all the payment securities and options of an Etsy transaction.

My wife and I have been engaged in selling books online for over a decade. We've both loved books since we were kids. We started this business when a friend bought a book store and told me the process of selling books online. I thought it sounded fascinating but I didn't like the idea of selling any/every book. My wife and I started finding collectible books and offering them for sale online; since then, we've been growing, both as a company and in our knowledge of the trade.

From antiquarian European collections to remote library sales, we continually search far and wide for high value reasonably priced books to offer customers. In essence, we are a finder service for collectible books. We continually dig through the many, many used books to find, and offer for sale, books that can be considered collectible. We strive to write descriptions and picture the books in a manner that clearly defines the book. We love reading our ebay feedback because our customer's love their books and often provide smile inducing feedback.

Classic novels, literature, Bibles, ancient illuminated manuscripts, fore-edge painting art, rare, antique, signed, out-of-print, first edition, autographed, vintage books for sale; we sell it all.

Follow us on Instagram where we post interesting books almost daily -       To contact us please use the "Contact" button listed at the bottom of the page and fill in the form. It sends an email directly to me. We respond within 24 hours.

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